We are 33Trekking.....


We are Eliza Anne and Dana Jon, the driving force behind 33Trekking.  Thank you for taking the time and having the curiosity to stop by our site.  We promise it'll be an adventure in every word you read.  If you'd like to know more about our personal story and fascinatingly goofy selves keep scrolling..... 



As professionals in the entertainment industry in California, we found ourselves wanting a deeper connection to the world. In November of 2014, we set off for a four month journey though Southeast Asia.  The initial journey ended up completely changing our lives -- turning our lives upside down and inside out, but in a good way.

In November of 2014, we were living the comfortable cushy all-American lifestyle.  Dana Jon working as a recording engineer and mixer and Eliza Anne working as a hair/makeup artist for print/film/television in Los Angeles, California. We both knew there was a whole world out there to experience.  

We packed up all of our belongings, sold what we no longer needed and put the rest into a storage locker.  Most people ask how we are doing this.  "How are you able to travel for so long?" Well, we don't have a mortgage, a car payment, insurance, phone bills and so on. We also freelance when possible, we blog and of course there is our photography.  Our rent around the world is about $400USD a Month.  We are not luxury travelers by any means. 

We left November 4th, 2014,  carrying nearly everything we owned.  We had 2 backpacks, a guitar, a bass guitar. phones and our laptops. If you really think about it, is there anything else you really need??? 

Needless to say nearly 5 years later, we have fallen in love with being location independent nomads.  We love soaking in diverse cultures, making new friendships, digging deep into the souls of people, photographing cultures in their truest forms and telling their stories as we go. Traveling takes life back down to the most simplistic of things simply being able to share an afternoon trading English words for local tongue, playing a game of soccer, jamming on guitars with the locals, sharing the gift of photography, chatting wth other expats about their travel victories and struggles or simply just saying hello to someone new. These things have changed us over the course of time! Not everything is as it appears. The world is a fascinating place with an abundance of knowledge within an arms reach at any moment.  

As you might watch the news feeling uneasy about embarking to some of these corners of the world yourself, Fear Not! Not everything is as the media portrays it..... it's actually quite the contrary.  Over the course of this adventure we have only been shown a helping hand everywhere we turn.  When you open your heart and let down your expectations it is truly amazing to experience the generosity and warmth provided by people that don't know you at all. At times, we've been rescued and at times we've rescued others.  The lifestyle of a nomad is fulfilling and enriching to the soul.

Keep following our adventures and please ask questions. We love to interact with people either about your experiences or ours.  We are open, all you have to do is contact us and we will be more than happy to respond.   


Thanks for joining us on our adventure!


— Eliza Anne and Dana Jon Chappelle
Founders @33TreKKing