Selamat, meaning Peace.

Here you will find writings from the deepest places of my heart. My hope is that you may find healing, peace and courage to live life with love and kindness.

Sat Nam!

Eliza Anne - Siri Manpriya Kaur.

Letting Go


“First, You make habits then habits make you.” Yogi Bhajan

Habits don’t have to be something that is bad. A habit can be something that no longer serves you, something you are holding on to. Did you know that Kundalini Yoga can break patterns that you’ve been living in for years? It’s scientifically proven and much cheaper than therapy.  If you are holding onto something today YOU have the Power to LET GO.


“Sometimes we make it a habit to live with our habit. And when we make a habit to live with our habit, then we don't want to change it. Then we make excuses.....Then we need shoulders to cry on. Because once a human makes a habit to live with a habit, that human is done. Because to break a habit pattern, you need mind. To need your mind, you need meditation.”

“Our happiness becomes a pattern. If something suits that pattern we are happy, if it doesn't suit we are unhappy, and this way sometimes we become a total slave of a habit. That is why they say man is a slave to his habits and as the years go by, his habits become his comforts.”


My prayer for you today is that you will Let Go of all of the things in life that no longer serve you.   By letting go, you open the door and give space to new fresh opportunities  

Sat Nam 💜🙏💫

Siri Manpriya  

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Letting go is a powerful act! Once you learn to let go, you can move ahead. You are no longer trapped in your own pain and problems. To let go is to surrender, this starts with acceptance. from time to time you shall stumble and fall. Unwanted things are bound to happen, after all, hard lessons are part of being human. This you cannot change, but you can change the way you deal with adversity. Investigate what the real problem is, and how your ego might still be resisting. As long as you listen to this voice of the ego, you will not be able to fully accept the problem or pain. Let go of control. The wisdom to overcome the unwanted will follow automatically. Maybe not the wisdom to solve it, but at least to detach yourself from it. Visualize your pain in a balloon that you let go and send away forever. Stop Clinging, visualize your pain in a ballon that you let go and send away forever. Letting go is an act of consciousness, a choice to be free of resentment. In order to reach your maximum potential you must learn to let go, this is the key to freedom.