As @33Trekking started our journey 18 months ago selling our homes, leaving our careers behind in California and packing everything into storage to start what we thought was a four month SouthEast Asian Adventure. Since then, our hearts have forever been changed by the authentic connections and unbelievable generosity of the cultures we've encountered. We would like to start thanking the communities that graciously accept us in to their families and homes. Our only hope is to Give Back even just a fraction of what they have shared from their hearts. 

Currently @33Trekking just finished a roughly 500 mile motorbike journey around rural Bali. The conditions are not unlike what we experienced in the rural parts of Thailand, Lao, Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar. Bamboo huts with dirt floors, no mattresses, no electricity, no running water and very little food.  All this to say, they are the happiest people we have ever come in contact with and their joy is absolutely contagious, but the conditions could be improved with proper education.  

When we encounter locals on a rural mountain roads, remote beaches or even on the street attempting to sell us goods.  Unlike most typical tourists instead of giving them the brush off, we engage. Some of the locals speak surprisingly good English and the ones that don't communicate no different than an tourist attempting to speak their language.  

We carry around a FijiFilm InstaMax in our backpack and this has definitely helped strike up conversations.  The children always love having their photos taken, but one they can keep is Priceless to them.  We have never seen a child light up their eyes so bright with excitement as they do when they pull the "Instant Picture" from the top of the Camera. They run down the village streets to show their families, as quickly as they can, often times returning with other siblings so they might have one too.  Its a small way to give back to these children who otherwise have never seen let alone had a tangible photo of themselves before. Over the next few months we will feature several different charity organizations kicking off with an absolutely inspiring organization here in the heart of Bali.  Read more about the Bali Children's Project and how to get involved.

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