Selamat, meaning Peace.

Here you will find writings from the deepest places of my heart. My hope is that you may find healing, peace and courage to live life with love and kindness.

Sat Nam!

Eliza Anne - Siri Manpriya Kaur.


“We are gifted with this human life on this Earth for a purpose: to enhance peace within ourselves, around ourselves, and forever.” Yogi Bhajan


We have all experienced moments in our lives where we have either received messages or delivered them. We can be a messenger in this life without saying anything, but by simply shining our light in the world with a simple smile.

A smile is worth a thousand words and after living in 26 countries, including the US, over the past 4 years I can attest to this. With a smile you speak a language, you send a message and you light the world.

When someone is going through a rough time and you deliver advice know that it may not always have the warmest reception, but the message is still getting through.

As they say.... “Don’t kill the messenger.” Usually, when people open their heart and let the spirit speak they will hear the message when it is right for them. In His timing always.

My prayer for you today is that you will listen to the messages of the universe, connect to God and smile. After all, smiling is the universal message of light, love and peace.

Sat Nam 💜🙏💫

Siri Manpriya

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Your inner process is in full swing and the growth that you are experiencing has an impact on your surroundings as well. It does not matter what has once set your development in motion or what has further accelerated it - this is different for everyone. The fact that your process is happening is what matters. Both consciously and subconsciously you know how to inspire, motivate and animate the people around you. Spending time with others, you act as a mirror, the reflection comes back undistorted. Like a messenger of the universe you pass on those lessons that are appropriate for someone at that given time. The biggest truths are shared without you actually knowing it. After all, it is not about the messenger, but about the message. This principle is also applicable to those teachings you yourself receive. You are never too old to learn!


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