Selamat, meaning Peace.

Here you will find writings from the deepest places of my heart. My hope is that you may find healing, peace and courage to live life with love and kindness.

Sat Nam!

Eliza Anne - Siri Manpriya Kaur.


“Like the flower gives a fragrance, give yourself a chance, just a chance, to trust yourself, love yourself, and be yourself. Now close your eyes, raise your right hand, place your left hand on your heart, and take a vow, repeating 3 times: I trust myself, I love myself, I am myself.” - Yogi Bhajan


Over the past year, I have been going through a deep healing process. Healing my mind, body and soul from trauma brought on by an abusive relationship in my past. Although this relationship ended 11 years ago, I was in the relationship for 4 years. The years between 19-23 are fundamental to years for growth. I allowed myself to stay in an unhealthy relationship and I became increasingly ungrounded as the years passed by. Alcohol was my number one way to numb any confrontation that came up in my life between the age of 19-36 and I became more and more dependent on the substance to feel “normal”. Anyone around me could tell that I was hurting inside and severely ungrounded. Most people, including my family didn’t quite understand what was going on with my soul. It wasn’t until I was truly honest with myself and took space alone here in Bali that I was able to go through this deep healing process.

Currently, I’ve dropped anchor and become an entirely different person in mind, body and soul. With the help and support of God, my Balinese family, my family, my boyfriend and teachers of Kundalini Yoga, I found my way home. I found my true self once again. During the years of my addiction I was quite literally a boat without a rudder. Now, I am grounded, I don’t have a plan and I’m not in a rush.

I found a home at Hillsong Bali. Hillsong is a church where I can make healthy relationships, play my bass guitar and combine my beliefs of Christianity, Hinduism and Kundalini Yoga.

The dedication of Balinese to their faith day in and day out inspired me to reach back to God as my sense of grounding. Reading the teachings of Yogi Bhajan directly impacted my growth through mediation and Kundalini mantras. When I’m ready I’ll pick up my anchor and move again. This time I won’t loose my grounding or my faith because through meditation and prayer I can remain this beautiful person I’ve blossomed into.

“From the aspect of healing, there are two primary exit points in the body. There is the feminine aspect, through the throat chakra, which works like that of a burning fire where the wooden logs turn into smoke and evaporate into the air as it moves up. Then there is the root chakra, which is the masculine aspect, which works more like a toilet that flushes down and out into the ground.

Depending on what one is working on, either point can need attention at certain times. To every issue one heals, there is a feminine and masculine aspect to it. Both aspects are important given a situation and need to be explored for both expansion and integration.

There is nothing easy in the healing walk especially when dealing with past traumas, deep emotions, family baggage, etc. Many can gravitate more towards the elevation and expansion aspect as it can allow one to see past an event. There is a lot of value in that, but we still also need to stay anchored and present in the body to sense what is going on the inside.” Nihal Singh @spiritvoyage


My prayer for you today is that you will seek grounding and find your anchor in life. If you are numbing your feelings or the outside world, I pray that you will stop. Look deep inside at the root cause of your pain and be able to heal. Life is short, live each day with intention.

Sat Nam 💜🙏💫

Siri Manpriya

💫Todays @innercompasscards Reading 💫


This card is an invitation to drop anchor. Intuitively you feel that something is not quite right, but you are too busy to act upon it. Now is the time to slow down and take a long, good look around. Your gaze was fixed at the horizon and the beauty of the current moment was passing you by. Realize that there is a time for everything. Here and now is the perfect moment to breath deep and ground yourself. You do not always need to be so busy with the next step. If you dare to wait, the right moment for action will present itself naturally. Just stand still, look around and observe the situation as it is. Know that it is safe here. Discover all the beauty that surrounds you. then use the anchor as a grounding cord. Visualize how it is dropping from your sacrum to the core of the earth. Feel that you are here, present in your body with all your energy and attention. It is easier to stay focused when you are grounded, and this helps to anticipate the things that are happening around you. You will feel more stable and in charge. Before long, you feel the right moment is there, you can press ahead again. Your ambitious plans are not going anywhere, rest will only feed the fire. When the course is clear, you set sail again.

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