Selamat, meaning Peace.

Here you will find writings from the deepest places of my heart. My hope is that you may find healing, peace and courage to live life with love and kindness.

Sat Nam!

Eliza Anne - Siri Manpriya Kaur.


“To Be GREAT is To Be Great AND Full.” - Yogi Bhajan


Today I woke at 5am, I felt like God had filled me with energy during the night. My thoughts were abundantly clear. This was an incredible feeling, but I also knew God must have had big plans for my day.


As my feet dipped into the water, the waves began to drift inland and then back again.  In that moment I realized -the ocean breathes. It’s a living, breathing, connected being. That experience took my breath away.  The ocean is powerful, yet graceful. Today, the surf was rough - I suppose that made the sea even more majestic in the moment.

I began to meditate and pray, I prayed three prayers. First, a prayer of healing for the sick and Godless. Then, a prayer for guidance, strength, wisdom and mercy for myself. Last, but not least, a prayer of thankfulness for all God has provided for me, thankfulness for the healing he has bestowed upon the lives of those close to me and thankfulness for the healing, grace and provision God has given me. God is good.

When I came back to my room, I drew the Wisdom card. When you are open, God will speak though the vessels you provide. 🙏

The 26 Steps of Wisdom

– Yogi Bhajan @3HO Foundation

  1. Those who do not move, move the Universe. Those who move, don’t move anything.
  2. Feelings and emotions are like waves on oceans—no depth. Without depth there are no oceans and no waves. Then you are living notions.
  3. Those who have to lead must be like a star with an altitude and attitude of perfection.
  4. God is single but all prevailing.
  5. Work speaks for itself.
  6. Wisdom, character and consciousness conquer everything.
  7. Count your blessings and save yourself from the tyranny of time and space.
  8. Be kind, conscious and compassionate. The whole world will be your friend.
  9. There is nothing naked in the nature. Even trees have bark.
  10. Going without knowing is a social suicide.
  11. Don’t forget God because God doesn’t forget anything.
  12. All those men who create their own castles, God creates for them equal hassles.
  13. I, I, I. You will never open your Third Eye.
  14. Ego is a bubble that creates nothing but trouble.
  15. Face and grace can win every race.
  16. There is no match to character. All characteristics of the Universe will fit in.
  17. The best desire is to be desireless.
  18. The best anger is to be angry at your faults.
  19. The best attachment is to be gracefully excellent and gratefully compassionate.
  20. The best attachment is to be attached to your character and consciousness—and prove it through your intelligence.
  21. The best love is to serve all equally.
  22. The best pride is to pray for everyone.
  23. The best greed is to agree to be the forklift of every existence.
  24. The best lust is to lure yourself to be graceful.
  25. To be great is to be great and full.
  26. Tomorrow always becomes today and yesterday is always gone. Therefore, life is a gift. Don’t drift or create a rift. Be happy so long as the breath is on.

💫My prayer for you today is that you connect to your inner wisdom, listen to your inner voice and shine your light in the world. Pray for the sick, poor and Godless. This world needs more of God’s love and with wisdom and God’s help we can light the whole world. God always provides to those who seek Him daily in their spiritual practice. I encourage you today to sit with God, thank Him and pray for this wounded world.

Sat Nam 💜🙏💫 Peace, Love and Light to you.

Siri Manpriya

💫Today’s @innercompasscards Reading💫


You have universal wisdom. Wisdom is everywhere, all the time; in the cosmos and in you. You recognize it as a powerful feeling that something is right for you. the system presses the appropriate buttons. It “knows”, as it were, what you need. How could a seed ever know how to become a tree, flower or human being? All that wisdom is contained in the nucleus. All the potential is there. Inside you as well, there is a wisdom you can always tap into and you will be able to work with better and better. Listen to your inner voice, unhindered by hope, limited beliefs or peer pressure. Let it show you the way that connects with your unique blueprint. When you feel that something is right, it will turn into a deep inner knowing. through this process, you become the best guru you could possibly wish for.