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Here you will find writings from the deepest places of my heart. My hope is that you may find healing, peace and courage to live life with love and kindness.

Sat Nam!

Eliza Anne - Siri Manpriya Kaur.

Letting Go of Fear

Letting Go of Fear


Recently I’ve been taking time away from blogging, Facebook and Instagram for self reflection, healing and personal growth. It is incredibly easy these days to be influenced by social media in both negative and positive ways. Looking back over the past three months of near social silence I have grown outside of the box I once lived in. This morning as I woke for Sadhana (morning yoga/kundalini practice) one topic kept coming to mind...... Fear.


Fear is paralyzing and self sabotaging. Fear keeps us from living out our true destiny and fulfilling our deepest desires. I have a magnet on the fridge that says, “What would you do if you knew you could not fail?” Every time I see this beautiful saying on the fridge I think about how many times I’ve given up on something out of fear of failing.


Fear invokes our flight or flight response in our sympathetic nervous system. During fight or flight the body releases hormones and adrenaline. The symptoms can be physical and/or physiological. Physically your heart rate can become rapid, you may tremble, you can become pale and your pupils may even dilate. Fear is a powerful emotion and it is important to understand the metal and physical reactions to stressful situations.

Meditation, Kundalini and Yoga can help combat these and provide tools to help you. Your inner Guru (teacher) deep down knows how to deal with fear, anxiety and stress. You must do the “work” by elevating your mind, body and soul. Protecting your aura is key. Your aura is the level of your energy fields around the body emotional, mental, and spiritual. Think of your aura as the “bubble of personal space” around you. Protecting this space is vital to keeping your energy balanced. Scientifically your aura expands 9 ft in every direction all around you, it’s no wonder that we are influenced by other people’s emotions. 💫💜🙏

I could write about the cause and effect of fear all day, but I’m going to let Yogi Bhajan take it from here. This morning as the subject of fear came to me as a topic to write about I delved into a lecture Yogi Bhajan delivered in 1988 on the “Physiology of Fear”.

“Human works in his life out of fear. When you grow up you start dating... you think you will never get married. When you grow up you want to collect things and money, and you want to become rich. When your old age comes you fear you may not be taken care of. We are mostly guided by misery and fear. And misery needs company. I don't care what anybody says and how they say it. Let me say it one thing and if you'll just put it in your mind... Let's put it this way. When you are in your life as you are... doesn't matter who you belong to, what philosophy you have, what you want to say and what you really want to feel... but as a person you are afraid always that you will be lonely, you will be rejected, you will be unloved, you will be poor, you won't have meals tomorrow.

If you are married, what will you do for your children, what will you do for this, what will you do for that? Nobody acts out of love.

Look, we are 5 billion people and I am very regretfully saying this, that we don't even have an iota of understanding what God is all about. We have no consequences to even face, no story to even tell. And God does it all, but we feel we do it all. The life is based on insecurity, fear. When you are insecure and you are fearful, that's reasonable. That's okay. That's animal. Animal is always insecure and very fearful and when he's hungry he goes for a meal. Even the lion, the king of the beasts, he likes to make a kill and eat it every 2, 3, 4 days. So, it is in our self.......

The concept of life... when it is based on fear... where happiness can be? I don't want to dig into your bank accounts, your political power or your religious convictions... I have nothing to do with all that. It is just a fundamental elementary situation, and that is that everybody is afraid and acts out of fear. So long you act out of fear, you have to compromise.

What fear does to you? Your range becomes short term. Your thinking becomes short term. Your concept becomes narrow. You become a bootstrapper. You just want to survive. And that means survival NOW. And that makes every human stupid. Period. You don't have to ask for a certificate. Because when vast range contracts to a small range, do you understand the impact? Do you understand this room has a raise. If it is brought down to the size of this bench on which I am sitting, what will happen to you all? Do you have any idea?


So what happens is that our goal with our children is short-term; our goal with our mates is short-term; and goal in our relationships is short-term. Goal in our love is short-term. Everything is short. Small. We talk big.”

““I am afraid.” That doesn’t mean anything. That moment you are afraid, you have forgotten there is a God and there is a Guru.”  — Yogi Bhajan


My prayer for you today is that you will resist the feeling of fear. Remember what my good friend and priest Jero once told me, “You are not alone, you have God.” God is all around you, in you and with you. Your Guru lies within and fear only keeps you from fulfilling your destiny. Free yourself from fear and watch your life blossom like never before. Fleeing the fear in life will never solve anything. Fear will always follow you wherever you go until you ultimately let go. You must find balance in mind, body and soul. Meditate. Be fearless: look up, look in, look forward, look around and look back.

Sat Nam 🙏💫💜

Siri Manpriya

@siri_manpriya @eliza__anne


You Within You

You Within You