Selamat, meaning Peace.

Here you will find writings from the deepest places of my heart. My hope is that you may find healing, peace and courage to live life with love and kindness.

Sat Nam!

Eliza Anne - Siri Manpriya Kaur.

You Within You

You Within You


As I woke this morning for my Kundalini meditation and practice I found my body, mind and soul to be exhausted. I don’t use an alarm to wake up...... my body clock wakes me up somewhere between 4:00 and 5:30. I lay out my yoga mat, light incense, sit like a yogi and step into the presence of God. My body, mind and soul forget all about being tired and are supplied with endless energy given to me by the single most important life force PRANA aka breath.“ 

After my practice I made a cup of hot Yogi Tea — (seriously that’s the name🧘‍♀️) My tea bag had the following quote from @yogibhajan was just inspiration I needed to write  💫

“You must have self-respect only then can you respect somebody.” @yogibhajan

Meditating, Kundalini and Yoga tends to bring things up for people. The well of the soul often fills with situations in life that we have tried to bury or simply brush under the rug, possibly for years. Maybe a pain or a hurt that you never dealt with arises. Possibly you feel shame, guilt, fear and/or disappointment. Often these feelings left untreated result in not respecting yourself over time, numbing out your feelings, living under a dark cloud and living a life of denial.

One of the greatest gifts I have received in my life is the gift of Kundalini and meditation. It’s not a religion — it’s a lifestyle. Kundalini yoga stirs up the dirt of life, unwinds it and gives you a path to Let Go. Letting go opens up space for you to love and respect yourself.

I sing mantras for healing and self renewal. We all sing - say mantras everyday. Unfortunately most of our mantras we repeat in our head are.... “I can’t do this. I’m not good enough. I’m not good looking. I’m in a hurry. I need _______ (fill in the blank)”


One of my favorite mantras is “Sa Ta Na Ma” Meaning..... Infinity, Death, Life, Rebirth. Each day we are blessed with the opportunity to begin again.


Personally, when I began practicing Kundalini two years ago, I didn’t like it when my past would come crashing through my soul. Lately, I’ve realized that Kundalini and meditation are bringing all of these things up not for me to run, but for me to finally let go of them. Letting go enables me to step into the light of respecting myself so I may share the light fully with others.


One of my teachers, Guru Singh says you must let go of the past. He says if you live in the past you have not “For-Given” yourself or anyone else. “The word FORGIVE is one of the compound words made up of other words. The two words within it are -- FOR and GIVE. FOR is a shortening of the word FORWARD and GIVE stands on its own. The word FORGIVE means to GIVE FORWARD from a point in time, usually in the past that no longer exists . . . to this present moment, the only moment that is alive. When we FORGIVE, we reload discarded parts of ourselves that have been assigned, stuck if you will, to hold memories and grudges in empty dead space . . . forever it seems.

Until we go through the process of reclaiming these parts, they are unable to be used for anything except holding these empty dead spaces with memories. FORGIVENESS is one of the most powerful tools in the process of self empowerment and it is a selfish act . . . in the very best way, for it actually involves no one but you. It teaches you to include all of you in this moment of now, which is a nourishing and healthy process. It's like digestion, it's very personal . . . the fires of digestion fulfill the need to self-nourish. Life is a balance, a wish to honor the infinite potential through the turbulence and calm of finite matter, and dealing with the specifics that always surround the self and others. In this play, errors are guaranteed to happen, which gives rise to the need to forgive both the small dramas and the far larger traumas.” Guru Singh

It is important to learn, grow and begin again. It is important to come home..... to the “YOU within YOU”.


Yogi Bhajan delivered a lecture in 1997, “You within You”, here are a few excerpts that reached out and grabbed me this morning as I was reading.

This is the Age of Aquarius, the age of knowledge. You have to learn to behave in a way that you are you, and all the time you have to understand, in God we don't trust—in God we dwell. That is the difference of the slogan. There is something in you within you, and within you is your identity. And that identity has to be protected. That identity has to be glorified. That identity has to be classified, that identity has to be disciplined.

What is self-respect? When you value your own soul, own identity, own personality, own reality. Have you seen a shop selling self-respect at thirty-six dollars a pound?......

God is everywhere, God is omnipresent, God is omniscient, then they say, “Go and find Him. Where? God is everywhere, you are nowhere—nowhere searching somewhere for that which is everywhere.

Don't find God, be found by God. Don't try to say somebody is good, be good yourself. God is good and good will bring you goods. You will be prosperous, pure and pleasant. Simply you have to open up. Idea was to enjoy, laugh and excel our life, this will change your chakras. It will make your transmission better, you will be a better human being.

So whether you are a woman or a man or a child, or you have neurosis or split personality in sixty ways or thirty-two ways, it doesn't matter. All you need is you. You within you is very important. You without you is a mess. You within you. And within that ‘you within you’ is what your nucleus is. And that you have to find. That's your beauty. And then everything is all right. Then what will happen? The master mind will give you all the opportunities. Nature will give you all the possibilities. Heavenly father will give you the energy to be successful. Happiness is not in wealth. Happiness is in your values. Contained, content and conscious. That's happiness!” @yogibhajan @3hofoundation

My prayer for you today is that you will respect yourself, your emotions, your story, your life and your endless love. Free yourself from the past so you may step fully into the light of the future that is waiting for you. Life is a precious gift for you to share. Share the light you live in. Respect yourself: look up, look in, look forward, look around and look back.

Sat Nam 🙏💫💜

Siri Manpriya

@siri_manpriya @eliza__anne

🧘‍♀️Sa Ta Na Ma 🧘‍♀️

  • Complete Mantra:

    Sa Ta Na Ma

  • Translation:

    Saa = Infinity, totality of the Cosmos
    Taa = Life (birth of form from the Infinity)
    Naa = death (or transformation)
    Maa = Rebirth

  • More Information:

    Panj means five, and expresses the five primal sounds of the Universe. (SSS. MMM. TTT. NNN and AAA.) It is the atomic or Naad form of the mantra Sat Naam. It is used to increase intuition, balance the hemispheres of the brain and to create a destiny for someone when there was none. This mantra describes the continuous cycle of life and creation.

    This mantra is a great catalyst for change.


 iTunes: Sa Ta Na Ma by Mirabai Ceiba


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