Selamat, meaning Peace.

Here you will find writings from the deepest places of my heart. My hope is that you may find healing, peace and courage to live life with love and kindness.

Sat Nam!

Eliza Anne - Siri Manpriya Kaur.

Radiate Your Light

Radiate Your Light


Wahe Guru! Wahe meaning “Wow” or “Ecstasy” Guru meaning “the Force that brings one from Darkness.” Feathers on and Festival Ready! 💫Be true to yourself — whatever that means for you. In this life you will always come up against opposition. 


Do you ever find it hard to just be yourself? Do you find it difficult to take off your “mask”? Do you find yourself overly vulnerable or defensive? In yogic philosophy there is one thing that is of the upmost importance! Just BE YOU! By implementing daily yoga, mediation and pranayama (breathing techniques) into your spiritual practice you will eventually radiate from the inside out.

Inhale “Sat” meaning “truth” and exhale “Nam” meaning “my name”. Carrying this manta with you will naturally help you radiate the confidence in who you already are.

Yogi Bhajan talks about the importance of just being you in the following lecture from 1971. “Our problem is not with our emotions and feelings. Our problem is with our consciousness and who is conscious of who? I am not asking you to be the consciousness of being Divine and praying. That won't work. I am asking you to be conscious of your own self. Feel your own feelings. You want to judge; judge your own feeling. Know your own feeling. You want a relative? Relate to your own feeling. Don't go beyond you. There is nothing beyond you: nothing was, nothing is, nothing shall be. When you are born, you are you. The life you are going through, you are going through. I am not going through your life. And even I try, I can't. Nobody is me, nobody was me, nobody shall be me. I am I am. You know your right hand thumbprint—that is your car registration number. It will never change. Entire criminology depends on that one little right thumb. Right thumb remains right thumb; that imprint is yours. Can anybody's right thumb be yours? No. Will it ever change? No. You are a registered human being, a registered creature in this creation and nothing shall change.“

My prayer for you this week is for you to turn any opposition into opportunity. Radiate your light — now That is Powerful. Just Be You, Let the Light Shine Through!

Sat Nam 🙏 @siri_manpriya @eliza__anne

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You Within You

You Within You